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 Runa Canon: The People of Runa

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PostSubject: Runa Canon: The People of Runa   Sat Oct 03, 2015 2:43 pm

Egantzra -

The governing body of the home worlds that the colonists left in order to create their colonies on Runa. This governing body has sent delegates to inspect the world of Runa and determine it's viability.

Colonists [inside the colonial wall] -

These are the people who arrived on Runa and formed the colonies by fighting and eliminating various tribal humanoids such as the Notobus Tribe and a few of the chi-lords. These colonists now run their own society on Runa and try to manage their society in the various colonial politics.

Colonists [Outside the colonial wall] -

These are the people who were banished or left the colonies. They developed and adapted to the unique environments of their new homes and forming their own society.

Doloqus Tribe -

The tribal humanoids that were originally formed on Runa. These humanoids similar to humans carry their own unique traditions, characteristics, and history. These tribal beings are not as sophisticated as the humans that arrived and formed the colonies.

Dragon-Kin -

These are the beings that were formed through the bloodlines of Dragons and their inter-racial relationships with humans. These dragon-kin have deemed their mission to protect the world of Runa from the outsiders (the colonists). The mission was self-appointed after their creation; having found themselves with new capabilities and cognitions than their full dragon brethren.

Wings of the Goddess -

The Wings of the Goddess were a group of people that formed together in order to protect the world from the chaos that was being created by colonists and dragon-kin alike.

Chi-Lords -

These are the true natives of Runa having been formed out of it's essence. These are creatures and beings that have delegated territories that they maintain through spiritual and other means. They are the life force driven and protectors of the natural world of Runa.

The Phoenix -

Having been attacked by the colonists this Chi Lord decided to eliminate the colonists from the planet by destroying the planet's viability. In order to do this he went against his Chi Lord brethren who protected other areas of the planet. He is now maintained by a death force instead of life force.

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Runa Canon: The People of Runa
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