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 Technology of Runa

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: Technology of Runa   Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:36 pm

Technology on Runa has gotten a rep for having varying styles and unequal abilities between the colonies. This however is not the case. The Jechx Republic due to it's cavernous construction is home to a plentiful strength of natural minerals and ores. These ores help them to develop rather complicated metal structures and contraptions the other colonies could only dream of: Tank, Cannons, Cannon Shells, and more advanced armor. Besides weaponry the Jechx Republic carries a strong knowledge of metal working for building homes, and structures so as to maintain their underground chambers.

Although the Jechx Republic appears to have the upper hand in the use of metal the other colonies are still two super powers on their own. Droxis Democracy although on the sea still has access to metals that are used to create weaponry of it's own. This colony however is not as skilled in metal working so instead of having the ability to create an armored vehicle like a tank they turn to other resources: plasma, heat, and water. Through these resources and their technological prowess the colony has the ability to develop: plasma bombs, radar, sonar, thermal sensors, and most importantly plasma cannon.

Where does this leave the Serial Barbarians? As you might have guessed the Barbarians have studies the ancestral scholars and their descriptions of dragons. The lush forest has unique ores and other materials similar to the other colonies that allow for the Barbarians a unique ability. The Barbarians are typically a bow, arrow, sword, and dagger type of civilization especially in the beginning of Runa. However the Barbarians have the ability to create: militant aircraft, poisonous gases, magically enhanced weaponry and armor, as well as cloaking devices.

*Key point just because a colony has the ability to make them doesn't mean their automatically available. See Phases of Runa*

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Technology of Runa
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