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 The Phases of Runa: "Runa, Runa II, Runa III"

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Phases of Runa: "Runa, Runa II, Runa III"   Sat Jun 02, 2012 6:38 pm

The Phases of Runa:

As of right now we are in what I call "Runa" there is "Runa II" and "Runa III" as well. "Well Devlin what in bloody hades do you mean by the Phases of Runa?"

I'll tell you! The Phases of Runa refer to the general concept and storyline of Runa! Whereas Dungeons and Dragons Online, World of Warcraft and many other rpg games have expansion packs or sequels being on a text based platform evaporates the wait for the next expansion! So I refer to this as the "Phases of Runa".

Let me explain in a general overview so everyone understands what I mean here.

Runa: This the world that we our currently in with all the civilizations in a Cold War state. War hasn't broken out and everything is still developing into a full blown storyline of EPIC PROPORTIONS! By the end of this phase of Runa the world will be developed to a point where you should be able to login and there's an NPC for every occasion, you are connected to some storyline or another, and everyone is on the same page as to the technology of Runa, etc. This means that the highest technology point is that of only basic computer technology.

Runa II: As part of the original "Runa Phase" the cold war should escalate to a point that tensions are higher than normal and war has started to break out. As the war is raging a unique phenomenon will occur "The Arrival of the Delegates". This arrival is the connection between the world of Runa and the three home planets of the Colonies. It is in this phase that Delegates from the homeworlds come to "inspect" Runa though the only one's who know they are coming are the Colony Leaders since all the citizens alive in this phase believe Runa is their homeworld and not a colony! What will happen? Will there be intergalatic war? Peace? Destruction of all Runa? Won't know until we get there! Technology at this point allows for the first plasma cannon blueprint to be formatted and build underway.

Runa III: To be revealed when we get closer to it.

As you can see these phases can only occur if you continue to post! Be safe, and Post Often!

-Devlin Hosguard,
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The Phases of Runa: "Runa, Runa II, Runa III"
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