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 The start of Runa

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The start of Runa   Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:55 pm

Runa was discovered in 2012 amongst the chaos known as the Scepter Trials (See seperate topic). During this time there were a few groups that decided they would try and rise to fame and glory. Though the glory was to be held through a competition like none seen before. The competition involved competitors from each group to be sent into a video game version of their dreams.

The objective of this compeition was the prize at the end of the game: The Amicus. In latin meaning friend, "The Amicus" is the key to peace for seven years before in the eighth year a new crop of competitors compete for their home terroitory. How did this come to pass?

In the year 1752 the world of Runa started to become settled by varying space settlers. It happened that three colonies started to be constructed. One by the Serial Barbarians. Another by the Droxis Democracy and the last colony being created by the Jechx Republic. The three colonies lived in peace slowly trading needed materials between the three grew. The colonies only knew each other by SB, DD, and JR the initials of their respective controllers.

As the colonies grew land, water, and other resources on the planet of Runa started to be targeted by each of the colonies as their own property. Treaties, and politics were not in mind due to a "lack of outer-spatial law". The result was a war between the colonies over resources that left each of the colonies holding a third of the planet as it's property.

The Serial Barbarians colony created the hunting, and spice trade on the planet between the colonies. Holding the least land between the three colonies the Serial Barbarians have only one major city (Anselme), and a few villages (Asger and Daquan) surrounding it. Though small their guerrilla warfare exceeds that of the other two empires and keeps their land a stronghold.

The Droxis Democracy coming from a wealthier lineage then the Serial Barbarians and Jechx Republic have created a sprawling metropolis that holds neighborhoods the size of the Serial Barbarians major city. The metropolis is known as Herensuge.

The Jechx Republic has a few major cities though a majority of their dwellings are underneath the ground of the planet. The Republic is known for it's devastating use of technological advances to expand upwards and underground instead of searching for more land. The names of the dwellings have been kept under lock and key since the war. Only the survivors and those citizens of the colony remember the names. (Senka, Ohanzee, and Molimo)

Since then attempts for each colony to grow bigger have attempted since even now their are wandering tribes looking for land...
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The start of Runa
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