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 Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Tiny Library

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PostSubject: Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Tiny Library   Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:59 am

As a joke, the Chieftain Bastet had this incredibly tall and large room in the Sphiṅksa Pailēsa basement called the 'Tiny Library'. Nearly three stories high, and two football fields wide, the Library has three levels of shelved books that have been collected from all over Runa. Some of these books are very ancient, and haven't been touched in decades or centuries, while others are relatively new. Palm Trees and Sunstone lamps allow this room to be lit for perfect reading pleasure.

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Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Tiny Library
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