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 Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: Obsidian Chamber

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PostSubject: Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: Obsidian Chamber   Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:44 am

A room made of chiselled Obsidian from wall to wall, ceiling and floor. The Obsidian floor tiles are polished as well as the ceiling's to a mirror sheen. A quilted red rug lines the floor, with two door ways facing the exit to the Sphiṅksa Pailēsa halls. These two doors are both a walk in closet and a private rest room. There is a King Size Bed against the wall with red drapes hanging off of it with black silk sheets and quilted pillows. The floor is able to be heated if demanded so.

This room is a guest chamber for Important Guests such as highly valued Merchants, but the Chieftain ultimately decides who is allowed to sleep in this chamber.

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Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: Obsidian Chamber
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