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 Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Great Baths

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PostSubject: Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Great Baths   Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:38 am

To the West of the Great Hall, are a few hallways that lead to other rooms, and one of these said rooms has no door but leads into a vast heated in ground pool. This pool is heated to sauna temperatures and the room itself is quite steamy with a separator across it's centre for the Baths more...'uncomfortable guests' to the Sphiṅksa Pailēsa tribe who, as a custom, have universal bathing. There are three supersized Great Baths divided into three adjoining rooms. A dip in it's waters is guaranteed to bring your SP and HP back to full.

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Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Great Baths
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