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 Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Chieftain's Chambers

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PostSubject: Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Chieftain's Chambers   Tue Dec 23, 2014 12:55 am

A large open room with a large rounded bed that is essentially two king-sized beds fused together at their sides. Red silk sheets with gold embroidery decorate this bed, with multiple sheer curtains to allow a gradual opaque or solidly blocked view of whomever is utilizing this bed comfortably fit for a leader plus a harem. The floor is polished limestone and black marbled rock, and there are two man made water falls on either end of the room that fill small canals that lead into a small pool of herbal water which is used as a private bath. Rose petals and other flowers are scattered a top the pool. Gold statues and figurines line the shelves that boarder the walls beside either side of the large bed, and the ceiling's light is brought through via moon glowstone skylights which make the room an unearthly pale blue during the night periods.

Torches also line the walls above the water falls, and the rooms floor is constantly heated. A small lounge made of plush red quilted cushions, with a glass coffee table before it.

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Sphiṅksa Pailēsa: The Chieftain's Chambers
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