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 Default: Swords of the Serial Barbarian Colony

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Devlin Hosguard
Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: Default: Swords of the Serial Barbarian Colony   Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:12 pm

"The Raptor King" - A Wakisashi Blade that is known for cut similar to the teeth of a raptor and when in used to it's most deadly extent the T-Rex. Known to be carried by the shady folk of the Serial Barbarian Colony.

"Talon" - A long sword that has gotten it's name from being able to take down it's enemies and take away their final moments as if clutched in the talon of a bird.

"Simple Katana" - A legendarily forged blade in the unique process of many centuries.

"Common Elven Blade" - The most common Blade in the Serial Barbarian Colony

"Centrulian" - The blade of the King. Handed down from generation to generation it's design may look flimsy to another swordsman but in the hands of the Serial Barbarian King it is near unstoppable.

"The Sword of the Avenging Warrior" - Named for the guards of Anselme who carry this weapon as standard issue.

"The Common Man's Stinger" - A longsword that can be found commonly among the civilians of the Serial Barbarian Colony similarly to the katana.

"The Deceiver" - A short sword that what developed with a unique end so that it may twist their opponent's blade to disarm them.

"The Skin Harvester" - The traditional hunting knife of the serial barbarians.

"Angel's Glaive" - An experienced warrior's true ally when fighting multiple enemies.

"Terraslayer" - A high end axe used by the Imperial Guards of the Serial Barbarian King.

"The Underlings Axe" - A basic axe found throughout the colony used in daily wood cutting activities.

"Lance" - Hope your happy Myuria...

"Rapier Defulta"

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Default: Swords of the Serial Barbarian Colony
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