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 Default: Swords of Hikari

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PostSubject: Default: Swords of Hikari   Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:25 pm

"Dentō-tekina difendā" - The traditional defender; a weapon used by those in temples and other traditional organizations

"Greatsword of Retribution" - A traditional greatsword that has been developed to be wielded fighters that use their strength as their advantage in battle.

"Critical Strike" - A dwarven-elven mixed design that was made in the underground of the Jechx Republic but soon production became common in the Hikari territory

"Se Ha" - The dorsal blade known for being used in the original colonial wars at the beginning of Runa. It became associated with the phrase "Se Ha Later!"

"Megumareta" - the blessed warhammer of the paladins in the Hikari territory.

"Naginata" - A basic guard weapon of the territory.

"The Guardian" - A weapon carried by the guards of the territory.

"The Dragon Glaive" - A weapon used for protection by the monks of the temples.

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Default: Swords of Hikari
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