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 Default: Swords of the Tribes

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Devlin Hosguard
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PostSubject: Default: Swords of the Tribes   Wed Dec 17, 2014 10:30 pm

"The Inquisitor" - A blade known for being used during tribal judgment ceremonies in which the judges of the tribes execute those found to be judged "unworthy"

"The General" - A blade used by the leaders of the tribes as signal to the colonies that they are in charge; daring an attack to be made on them.

"Scale Blade" - Made by the scale of a sea monster from the Settozai Ocean. Waterproof.

"Ebony Warhammer" - A war hammer that has been made from ebony supplies..."stumbled upon" by the tribal leaders.

"Tortoise Torture" - The cross bred mace and hammer combination weapon designed by the tribes in a new innovative design.

"Dark Elf Halberd" - A halberd created by the elves who have joined the tribes.

"The Traditional Halberd" - The halberd found in the wreckage of the wars in the history of Runa. A now iconic weapon of the tribes.

"The Whaler's Glaive"

"The Embossed Saber" - A sword imprinted with runic signs to ward off liquids such as blood from staying on the blade.

"Hellish Slasher" - The multiple small blades ensure that pain occurs before the final strike.

"The Short Hellish Slasher" - A small blade than the Hellish Slasher with more tiny blades.

"The Grunty" - Simple, normally meant to be sharp but you know how things can be left blunt when you're constantly moving.

"The Shadow" - A pitch black dagger.

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Default: Swords of the Tribes
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