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 Default: Swords of the Jechx Republic Colony

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PostSubject: Default: Swords of the Jechx Republic Colony   Sun Nov 30, 2014 12:26 pm

"The Extinct" - A large blade that with a successful hit can cause someone to be extinct however the individual who has been able to wield this blade in such a manner has also been extinct for quite awhile.

"The Brazen Defender" - A blade that is common among the soldiers of the Jechx Republic who have studied and trained to use the broad sword as both a two handed and one handed weapon (one handed techniques still taking more energy but just as fast as two handed).

"The Sultan's Scimitar" - A scimitar that is more flashy than other scimitars in the Jechx Republic. This is because this scimitar is common among the nobles of the Republic.

"The Common Man's Can Opener" - A scimitar for the common folk of the Republic. Not as flashy as the Noble's but just as deadly if the common folk can keep it sharpened.

"The Utilitarian's Axe" - A battle axe that is either paired with the "The Common Man's Can Opener" or is the main weapon of those choosing to focus in axe as their specialty.

"The Screamer" - Due to the unique shape of this blade it causes the air around it to scream as if a large wind was being blown.

"The Grim Reaper" - Unlike it's brother "The Extinct" this blade has been customized over the years so that an individual is able to take advantage of an uncharacteristically light broad sword causing this sword to be one of the deadliest in the Republic.

"The Shopkeep" - This Scimitar gets it's name from being used by the hired soldiers of the Republic. They like to keep their busy going in anyway they deem fit.

"The Lawless Deceiver" - Characteristically shaped like a scimitar this blade is also the length of a longsword giving the wielder an advantage. This blade is uncommon to civilians unless they have a decent income.

"Redemption" - The scimitar used by the religious order of Glaurang in the Jechx Republic in all of their ceremonial rituals.

"The Lawless" - This sword is known for being used by the renegades (like the admin) and the lonely vigilante.

"The Blacksmith" - A hammer that looks like it could be used in battle or in the smithy.

"Tor's Hammer" - After getting a lost signal about a guy named Thor the hammer was named Tor in his honor.

"The Celestial" - A hammer said to be smithed by the Gods.

"The Pick" - A warhammer reminiscent of an ice pick that was necessary to dig into the underground that is now the Jechx Republic.

"Dragon King" - A war axe with a secret dagger in the hilt of the weapon. How's that for being serpentine?

"Bone Grinder" - An axe that is specialized in being used for quick strikes to amputate.

"The Phoenix" - A rapier with the blade length of a great sword, and named after the Fabled Beast in creation stories. It's blade shines red with the blood and flames of war.

"The Overseer" - A rapier styled blade utilized by the Overseers of the Glarung Worshipers and of the Jechx Court.

"l'Mockingjay" - An expensive and noble blade utilized by the upper class of the Jechx Republic.

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Default: Swords of the Jechx Republic Colony
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