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 The Scepter Trials (Brief History)

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PostSubject: The Scepter Trials (Brief History)   Tue Jan 17, 2012 2:28 pm

In the time of the Scepter Trials only barbarious and outright genocide was thought to be the only way to win the right to remain on Runa. The three colonies fought for their home planets right to establish a colony but at the same time fought for their survival. It became an outright unspoken expectation that when you were in a battle the only way to walk away was to kill the entire force opposing you; no survivors.

Resulting from such thoughts secret missions and battalions that were hidden and created for the sole purpose of thwarting attacks on their home colonies before the other colonies could instigate a plan were created. Though the Scepter Trials were bloody there were less battles and less destruction done to the planet of Runa as a result of these battalions.

As the Trials roared on over half a century the Grasslands became riddled with bones, machines of war, weapons, and supplies deemed poisoned by the touch of another colony. Such a tactic wasn't below any of the colonies for using a small battallion as a poisoning decoy was one of the most common ploys of the colonies. The Wandering Tribes at the time of the Scepter Trials proved adept in learning how to counteract the poisons to take control of many left pieces and therefore gain the power they have in present day Runa.

The Scepter Trials saw the transfer of many royals and powers throughout the colonies as almost on a yearly basis the leaders were assainated by spies that had woven themselves into the inner circle of their leadership. The Trials only ended when the three colonies were all leaderless and the wandering tribes threatened to destroy them all.

As the new leaders arose in each of the colonies they made pacts, and treaties stating they would work together to squash the wandering tribes until then they would trade and work together to build their societies. These pacts and treaties still exist in present Runa since the Wandering tribes have been able to slowly keep their power and fend off the colonies. It is thought that if the Wandering Tribes were to be squashed in the current age that the colonies would be in political confusion since their home planets still want full control of the rest of the planet of Runa.

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The Scepter Trials (Brief History)
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