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 Scepter Trials I and II (The history of history)

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PostSubject: Scepter Trials I and II (The history of history)   Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:39 pm

As the three exploratory raids landed on Runa their only goal was to create and sustain a colony. However, as the raids started to develop their lands search parties from the colonies ran into each other in bloody confrontation. Each party thought the other was a native tribe that needed to be dealt with immediately for their colony to survive. As time wore on the lands slowly developed into civilizations with the raids becoming more gruesome and more targeted. The wandering tribes started to form from the deserters from each of the colonies.

As the planet became drenched in blood the most disturbing was the conflict that arose only a year into the development of the civilizations. The Scepter Trials. These voracious battles were only rivaled by the genocide of animals in order to support the war. Diplomats from each colony were left to their own devices when tending to political and civil needs for their colonies. Many attempts were tried on their lives...many times these assassinations went off without a hitch. Despair came over the various peoples as the war continued. The people started to barricade themselves inside their homes due to the increased likelihood that you would be attacked. These attacks could be caused by a lie told by your neighbor to a spy from another colony or in the government's attempt to kill all the traitors of their lands. Their attempts only caused anarchy and chaos to spread all over Runa. The only truth and reality of any situation was your biological processes of: eating, sleeping, and breathing.

The people became gaunt and lethargic as time passed. The people's hopes of a peaceful life was falling into the abyss of distrust, hatred, and a misconception of truth. The diplomats that survived their assassination attempts started to work for peace with other diplomats. Slowly the infrastructure of the colonies became whole once more. Enough that the violence grew sparce...

Until one day Scepter Trials II arrived through an event only a God or Goddess could deliver the planet from. The planet was plunged into an infinite darkness by an eclipse. The eclipse started to drive the leaders mad trying to keep calm among their villages and cities. The citizens of each colony urged that the only way for their eternal damnation to be eliminated was through the destruction of the other colonies. Only one leader knew that the colonies were meant only to be a continuous war to keep peace among their home planets. The man's name was Has Insamie. Has Insamie lead the wandering tribes in attempting to keep peace among the colonies. The result was his own people came to despair. The despair and hatred that grew among the various peoples grew so great only Has Insamie could've been considered happy by today's mental standards.

Distrust ran into the bloodlines of each family. If someone met a citizen of another colony the only response would be to draw swords with only the victor (and his family) walking away from the battle. As a result the lands between the colonies grew densely crowded by war machines, weaponry, blood, and tears. The war would only come to an end 25 years later when the people became exhausted and Has Insamie brought treaties to each colony.

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Scepter Trials I and II (The history of history)
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