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 History of the Colonial Wall

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Devlin Hosguard
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PostSubject: History of the Colonial Wall   Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:08 am

Eons ago when the Wings of the Goddess and the dark powers of Runa clashed a decision was made. In order to protect Runa from certain climate changes and to keep the darker spirits from invading the colonies the Wings of the Goddess decided to construct the Colonial Wall. The Colonial Wall is on the perimeter of the colonial terroritories if one were to go beyond the wall one would be met with the darkest of spirits and the harshest of elements.

The Colonial Wall was built out of a unique ore to Runa...Ithrylis. This ore contains a unique magical crafting ability that the Wings of the Goddess took ages to perfect in preparation to seal the darker spirits out of the colonial lands. This magical craft allowed for the existence of a unique creation to be born. The Hania.

The Hania is a spiritual warrior imbeded into the Colonial Wall. The Hania not only was created by the Wings of the Goddess but eventually the spirits of the Elders were infused with the Hania. However the Hania was never used in the previous wars on Runa by manning the wall as a typical fortress and the Hania laying dormant within the wall as a conciousness the secret of the wall was never revealed. The Elders never spoke of the Hania except to the next group of Elders before infusing their spirits.

After being abandoned the Hania's conciousness had a new task to gurantee the balance of the Beyond versus the Colonial Lands. When the Hania was created it was imdued with the ability of alchemy or the manipulation of matter. This sentient conciousness watches and guards the balance of Runa. When an individual or creature approaches the wall the Hania harmlessly probes the mind of the creature before passing judgment. If an individual is able to pass the wall the Hania will not obstruct the path even if it means that a piece of the wall is destroyed in the process. Though the ore of the wall has weakened the magical conciousness still lives and when a piece of the wall is destroyed it rebuilds...

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History of the Colonial Wall
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