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 Custom: "Diplomatic Immunity"

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Damascus Dyrvell
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Nymph - 30 posts
Damascus Dyrvell

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PostSubject: Custom: "Diplomatic Immunity"   Custom: "Diplomatic Immunity" EmptySat Jun 28, 2014 2:46 pm

Custom: "Diplomatic Immunity" DiplomaticImmunity

A very long range, Anti-Material Rifle that has only one-one-of-a-kind model made in existence for President Damascus Dyrvell. With a maximum range of about two miles, this weapon can easily strike someone's critical vitals before they even knew what hit them.

It is engraved with Jehx Republic Regalia strangely enough, along with the motto of the 'Crossed Swords' Unit.
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Custom: "Diplomatic Immunity"
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