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 Custom: Morgrym Nyinthar

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Sui Kathor
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Mortal - 10 posts
Sui Kathor

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PostSubject: Custom: Morgrym Nyinthar   Sat Nov 29, 2014 5:09 pm

Morgrym Nyinthar: A large foreboding blade made of celestial mithral and forged by Dwarven masterwork smiths from an unknown region in Runa. Their Dwarven runic script is clearly written upon the blade, and what is on it it can be any ones guess since it's of a lost dialect. The blade it self from blade tip to the tip of the pommel is exactly five feet and seven inches, weighing 11.5 lbs overall thanks to the mithral construction cutting what it's true weight would have been in half. It combines the dual edged bladed power of a great sword, the fine cutting curved blade of a scimitar, the hand guard/sword break of a battle axe with a war hammer's cone shaped back end. It is a slashing and-or blunt weapon capable of disarming and or tripping foes.  

Sui has been unable to decipher the words inscribed upon the blade, since it is a dialect of Dwarven she is not at all familiar with. What it means or what could it be is unknown to it's user. She found this weapon not too long from her escape from slavery, inside a tomb in the Koorc Desert, and has called it 'Morgrym Nyinthar' for that was the only name she found whilest traversing the tomb.

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Custom: Morgrym Nyinthar
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