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 Custom: The Rattle Snake

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Rowdy Rei
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PostSubject: Custom: The Rattle Snake   Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:21 am

The Rattlesnake; a .30 hand-rifle revolving chamber weapon of Rei Nakamura's own design.

It is essentially, a larger chambered revolver that can handle the common thirty caliber rifle round that is standard in all known rifles. It has a five round capacity and is quite deadly at close range. Perfect for close encounters yet it still retains a long enough barrel to be used in medium range. The weapon is a one of a kind; Rei Nakamura has the patent for the weapon, and as of yet still has the rights for it's manufacture. As of yet, no one has asked her for a personal commission of the same weapon or anything similar.

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Custom: The Rattle Snake
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