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 The Present: Update 4/2012

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Present: Update 4/2012   Tue May 01, 2012 11:26 pm

An assaination of the council elders in Asger has ignited a furry of concern and confusion in the Serial Barbarian colony. Meanwhile the Dentists in Herensuge continue to focus on their task of controlling the calcium trade. However in the Jechx Republic a new turn of events has occurred...

Dragonlore was once thought to be a simple misunderstanding of the mind. Here on Runa dragons have a special place in the world Defense against Insolence. Ordinarily Dragons or Draconic ancestors have a lineage and history in which a dragon must protect their world from being wrought by insolence and debauchery through guidance and wisdom before violence. A dragonlord has arisen forcing his will upon others of his kind...a vicious slavery.

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The Present: Update 4/2012
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