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 The Curious Topic of Dragons & Dragon Kin

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PostSubject: The Curious Topic of Dragons & Dragon Kin   Tue May 01, 2012 9:23 am

As far back in human recorded history, the topic of Dragon's have been placed under scrutiny and heavy moral debate since even pre-recorded times. Many legends speak of the Dragons and thier Dragon kin. Mostly ghost stories to keep children out of trouble. Fearsome beasts that supposedly were the original inhabitant's of Runa Eon's ago, but were hybernating when the first of the colonists settled upon this planet. These Dragons made the new inhabbitants aware of thier existance by pillaging and setting flame to the earliest of settlements. There were talk of Dragon Kin (sometimes referred as Draghon Kinn), creatures who appear human but with the full power Dragons weild, and would occasionally become full-fledge dragon's themselves. The Dragon Kin were the worst of the bunch, being very nationalistic about thier planet, they tried any means to oust the tribal threat. The five colonist tribes had been warring amongst themselves amid this crisis for land to make it worse yet. But fortunately, a band from each tribe came together as one to form a co-alliegance. They came to be known as the Wings of the Goddess, who became slayers of Dragons and Dragon Kin. Through the Wings of the Goddess's efforts, they were able to drive back the Dragon Kin and thier Dragon Familiars into submission.
They made a pact with the Dragon Kin, and ended the war between Dragons and colonists. And along with the Dragons, the Wing's of the Goddess slipt into the folds of history, never to be heard from again.

Dragons come in all colors shapes and sizes, with all matter of powers. Dragon Kin, the intelligent and human looking commanders appear human-like with the exception of 'Dragon eyes'. A red and gold reptilian look that would make a Dragon Kin easily visible. They are of different shapes and sizes as well, only thier eyes being similar. They can control dragons, resserect dead dragons, siphon power to and from dragons, become dragons. They can use Dragon powers such as fire breath or ice breath or even poison smog (to name a scant few of many dragon powers) in thier human like state with no difference in power to the attack while in Dragon State. They can see through the eyes of thier Dragon Familiars, as well as the Dragon Familiar's seeing through the eyes of thier Dragon Kin masters. They can regenerate wounds and sense the presence of Dead Dragons. They are immune to flames, for all Dragons regardless of what they are were born from the flames of the Phoenix. Though they are not invulnerable.

Dragons, are supposed to appear during signs of global destruction. Even in death, they have a pride for the land and wish not to see it destroyed by the indolence caused by the colonists, perhaps even being reserected by Phoenix to defend it's planet of Runa. And if that day should come, may the Goddess watch over us."

-Tanis Spectorum, Mysterious Storyteller and Badass
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The Curious Topic of Dragons & Dragon Kin
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