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 The Present: Update 3/2012

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Present: Update 3/2012   Mon Mar 05, 2012 4:59 pm

The Droxis Democracy has a curious case of Dentistry. The Dentists run the underground -cough- overhang deliveries and other covert operations that occur. Some might say they resemble mafia from the 1970's or the Godfather except with a day job. These "Dentists" have searched the city of Herensuge for every bit of calcium there is. Amazingly the cat people have been to survive as the milk slowly is becoming more and more water.

The milk is being de-calcified (?) by the Dentists so that the "milk" being sold is as close to water and not containing calcium as possible. As a result the Dentist appointments in Herensuge are soaring and always have a three day wait period. The monopoly of calcium and calcium related items has been increased by the mayor of Herensuge passing a law stating the dental check ups are required every three months.

The mayor was last assassinated while he was drinking a "pure" glass of milk. Today the elections for the newest mayor are underway...who will it be?

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The Present: Update 3/2012
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