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 Droxis Military's Classes and former "Knight" Class

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PostSubject: Droxis Military's Classes and former "Knight" Class   Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:53 pm

The Droxis Military currently has 4 divisions: Droxis Airship Corps, Droxis Infantry Division, Droxis Rear Artillery, and the Democratic Navy of the Droxis. Excluding the Crossed Swords Division, which publicly 'doesn't exist' and thus is virtually unknown to the general public.

Of those 4 Divisions there are 'Classes' in which every soldier chooses to act as their 'job':

Droxis Airship Corps
-Pilot Class
-Gunner Class
-Engineer Class

Droxis Infantry Division
-Riflemen Class
-Sniper Class
-Military Police Class
-Recon Class
-Knight Class

Droxis Rear Artillery
-Support Class
-Armored Cavalry Class
-Vanguard Class

Democratic Navy of the Droxis
-Sailor Class
-Gunner Class
-Engineer Class

Since the Droxis Military had been formed during the early years of the Droxis Democratic Empire, a number of classes and divisions had risen and fell.

The most recent of these classes to fall was the Infantry Division's ''Knight Class''.

The Knight Class was a unit within the Infantry Division that specialized in melee combat and were equipped with the aptly named 'Knight's Sabre'. These individuals wore dark blue tabard like jackets and wore pieces of plate and leather armor. Since guns were still cumbersome to use, these units kept the enemy forces at bay with their display of finesse and combat prowess. They would lead the charge and at times be the leadership behind most front lines. They were an inspiration for most, and were the highly sought after class in the Infantry Division. Noble, confident and ambitious men and women, these Knights were a proud bunch who believed in honor, and held a deep admiration for the Democracy.  

Their decline in popularity came with the advent of better equipped firearms and efficient firearms technology and the ability to supply all soldiers with a gun. Then there was the 'Battle of Smoking Ridge', which later caused them to be disbanded and removed from the Infantry Division altogether.

Battle of Smoking Ridge, the disbanding of the 'Knights'

'Battle of Smoking Ridge' took place 7 years ago, under President Drykus's reign. Drykus had his Military Commanders send out a battalion of 1300 Knights and 500 Riflemen to an area just outside the Serial Barbarian's northern territory, in a location called 'Smoking Ridge'. The military's position in Smoking Ridge caused the Serial Barbarians to feel uneasy, and King Sergei sent out a detachment of Elven Warriors who met with the Droxis Military. A battle eventually ensued, and there was little one could do against the Elven warriors who cloaked themselves so well in their native forests. The Riflemen unit were unable to be effective in the thick forest terrain, and most were easy pickings by the experienced Elven soldiers. The Riflemen units were told to pull back, but the Knights were told to hold the Ridge.

The Commander in charge had faith that the Knights would prove to be invaluable to the Droxis defense, for they would be right at home fighting blade with blade. The Riflemen were to provide support from Smoking Ridge while the knights battled below. For eighteen days the forces fought. While the Droxis were initially successful, Soldiers from Herensuge and Daquan arrived with a Royal Detachment of the Anselme Guard. At this point, less than 150 men and women from the Riflemen group were alive, with minimal casualties in the Knight unit. The Military Commander forced the Knights to remain while the Riflemen were totally removed from the battlefront, being told to provide them with cover as they withdrew to meet with an Armored Calvalry Unit.

The Knights were a valiant bunch, and remained. The conflict got bloodier as the days dragged on, and they were horribly outnumbered. It was clear that no help was coming for them after two weeks had passed and no relief or supplies had come. At this point the Knights had been dwindled down to 800 or so soldiers. They were facing an army size nearly triple their own, and no help was coming for them. Those too weak to hold on to their honor, or could no longer sacrifice their comrades fled the battle, while the remaining Knights who were battered and bloodied made a final stand and had charged the enemy flanks.

It's written in the Serial Barbarian documents that 750 of these Knights had charged valiantly to their deaths, dying honorably while their comrades had fled like cowards.

Two years after this event, the Droxis Officially removed the class from the Infantry, and with it, years of tradition and honor that had roots traced all the way back to country's formation.

Known 'Knights' (will update):

-Knight Commander Lucius Simms
-Cyrus McKelly

☆SP: 1250/1250 SP
☆HP: 2500/2500 HP


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Droxis Military's Classes and former "Knight" Class
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