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 Gran Perros Horse Stables

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Jack Redman
Jack Redman

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PostSubject: Gran Perros Horse Stables   Wed Sep 23, 2015 2:48 pm

Located at the edge of the city, towards the city's official entryway into the continent, the horse stable here will rent or sell horses to travelers on their way out into the open world of Runa.

Horses vary and prices range.

Red Hare: One of the fastest horses available, though in turn, is most expensive to rent/buy. Rare breed, so limited stock as well. Has red coloration and fiery red mane.

Hex Mark: A uniquely colored horse that has tear drop markings and a blazing white patch on its forehead. The color of its mane and hair varies in its many appearances but it is a black, gray, or white stallion. Second fastest horse, only less superior than the Red Hare. Medium to Rent/Buy. Uncommon breed, limited stock.

Shadow Runner: A unique black stallion whose speed is supposed to have been legendary, with the right rider. However, they act as a war horse, and will keep the rider from much harm while upon their back. Rare breed, so limited stock.

Standard Horse: A stallion of no grand benefits or speeds. Average speed and handling, and the cheapest to rent/buy. Most common, and high in stock.

Non-Equine Mounts

Yatra Barda: A mountable reptilian-like bird that is similar to that of a camel in how it stores water in it's humps. It is a common mount in the Koorc Desert Region where there are also wild Yatra Barda's as well. Can easily live in desert regions without the need to drink. Slow speed. Limited stock.

☆SP: 1250/1250 SP
☆HP: 2500/2500 HP


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Gran Perros Horse Stables
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