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 Default: Eagle Shotgun

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Deon Nikelo
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Fresh Blood
Deon Nikelo

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PostSubject: Default: Eagle Shotgun   Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:01 pm

"Eagle Shotgun" - Another double barrel shotgun, but often used by the rich and nobility for shooting clay pigeons at a high life party; but don't let that think they're not worth using as a weapon. On the contrary, the weapon is one of the most stable, long range and accurate shotguns on the market, and thus with it, comes an expensive price tag.

"Altair" - A nickname given to the modification of removing a portion of the stock and the majority of the barrel. Though it loses it's famed long range capabilities, it's lightweight and concealable, and is more accurate than other sawn off variant weapons due to the ability to properly shoulder the weapon, but unlike the "Prairie Dog" it cannot be dual wielded effectively.
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Default: Eagle Shotgun
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