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 The Present: 12/23/2014

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PostSubject: The Present: 12/23/2014   Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:35 pm

War Fever continues to rear it's ugly head in the chambers of colonial, tribal, and territorial leaders. Not far off of each leader's dinner menu is a discussion of their current war preparations and espionage missions into their enemies' lands. Much the same as after the peace treaty during the colonial wars continues...

Though there is trade, commerce, and bustling transportation between the various civilian populations of these lands the militant populous is actively growing with their armories becoming stocked to the brim and intelligence reports becoming a standard affair during the three meals of the leaders' days. As this Night starts to turn into day much preparation and deceit has begun to unfold in the colonies political brackets. The Doloquis have continued their preparations and engagement in their plans against the colonies. Meanwhile, the Serial barbarians have continued to recruit and improve their technology in preparation for battle as they continue to investigate Asger Elders' deaths. The Droxis Democracy has seen a rise in the involvement of the Brethren in their schemes against the president even though the president prepares for a world leader ball in the morrow. Meanwhile, the Jechx Republic Czarina remains silent...though preparations are undoubtedly occurring in the Republix as is elsewhere.

The territories recognize the tensions between the colonies growing but due to their unique standpoint of being sent from the colonies and living by their own rules only make defensive preparations in case the colonies should try to turn on them. Where the energies of the realm meet there have been rumors amongst the winds of Runa that the chi lord that reigns over the colonies has forsaken his brethren chi lords that work to make the areas of the territories and outer lands beyond the territories stable. These rumors may be conjecture or they may be fact. Only time can tell...

The various colonies, territories, and realms of Runa now enter into what has been considered a long estranged tradition from Eganztra. The tradition of "Māsu to guddō~iru" is one of mirth and good will. It is during this time that no battles, threats, or other forms of warfare and politics should take place between the leaders. During this time the citizens all over remember their heritage of long ago through fire dance rituals, special grog made from holly berries, gift giving, plays, concerts, and a new tradition created since coming to Runa; the Chi Lord summoning.

The Chi Lord summoning is a ritual practiced everywhere in Runa in which they pour magic, energy, and spirit into a ritual of dance, fire, flamables, and song. By the end of the ritual the various participants get a chance to speak with the spirit of "Masu to guddo~iru" aka the Chi Lord of their province. Though the citizens speak with this spiritual figure there is but one chi lord for inside the colonial wall the dragon Istathreal (

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The Present: 12/23/2014
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