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 Rarity/Default: The Diamond Blade Curtana

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PostSubject: Rarity/Default: The Diamond Blade Curtana   Tue Dec 23, 2014 3:55 pm

-A single hand longsword that is made of sharpened diamond, gold, and Lapis Lazuli. Its a blade that is made in an unknown location down in the Jechx Republic. The blade is polished like glass, with hardly any impurities and imperfections and with a precision surgical sharpened edge on both sides of the blade, held into place by a gold adorned mithral steel pommel and handguard with inlaid Lapis Lazuli gems. The grip is secured by lacquered black leather.

The blade is incredibly durable, and never needs resharpening as well as being moderately light to carry and being sharp as a dragon's talons. Though only a few are known to exist in the current world, there are rumours that there is a blacksmith still forging these powerful weapons and creating a stockpile of them.

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Rarity/Default: The Diamond Blade Curtana
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