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 Weapons of Hikari naito Kurai nai

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Fresh Blood
Fresh Blood

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PostSubject: Weapons of Hikari naito Kurai nai    Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:11 pm

Knives and Daggers:

Standard Ebony Kunai

A Hikari throwing dagger. Not too special and quite common among the Clans. It is made of an ebony metal, and masterworked to be a balanced throwing weapon.

Shizuka Kunai

Another Hikari throwing dagger. From its name, it is a 'quiet' and 'still' inducing kunai that once it strikes an object, the object in which the blade embedded it self in will be frosted and weighed down with ice till the blade is removed, which on organic flesh it is a bit harder and painful to remove.

Acid Throwing Spikes

Made from Ebony, these odd shaped throwing spikes are purified by a Hikari Priestess/Priest or High Priestess/Priest, and then coated with a delicate poison that is soaked into the metal. The ebony that makes up the bladed portion are now permanently afflicted with this poison. The poison itself acts more like a corrosive acid than a poison in general; burning into its embedded target, rotting the flesh and burning the skin of those who openly touch the three pronged blade; the blades themselves are hard to remove due to the back-facing barbs.

Marker Kunai

A throwing ebony based dagger made in Hikari. These blades are special in that they can be used by Hikari's "Shadow Walkers" to use as a 'way point' due to their tags. Marker Kunai may also carry a special pheramone on them which attract the 'bull' variant of an animal they would like to attrack. There is also a special coating which will attract swarms, making these Kunai useful for distractions.  

Anchor Kunai

A type of Hikari throwing knife that has a very sharp and somewhat heavier head. Its purpose is to anchor itself deeply into the surrounding environments to allow for a better hold to support a length of cord between a pair of Anchor Kunai. Its also because of this feature they can pierce through heavy armor as well. All at the cost of being heavy and limited to only be thrown with one hand (two if throwing kunai with both hands).

Short Swords

Simple Wakizashi

A wakizashi short sword katana. Rather simple to weild, but doesn't offer much defence against heavy blunt edged weapons.

Noble's Wakizashi

A more ornate and balanced weapon. Compared to the Simple Wakizashi this blade is a lot more sharper and durable in it's construction. Worth noting, is that other than its expense and increased damage potential , it is less easier to conceal due to the ornate hilt and will still be unable to hold it's own against heavy blunt edge weaponry.

"Shadow Walkers" Wakizashi

A Wakizashi made for the elite assassins of the Hikari Empire. A blade which rivals that of the Nobel's Wakizashi, and its forge is different and kept secret from the populace and unable to be reverse engineered. It's black blade doesn't sheen at all, though it is sharp and incredibly durable, durable enough to withstand heavy blunt damage where the Simple and Nobel's Wakizashi cannot.

Advanced Wakizashi

Sleeker, and made with darker materials, the weapon is better than the Simple Wakizashi and an intermediate compared to the Nobels' wakizashis.

Great Swords


A common large blade two hand katana style weapon. The blade can be up to two or three feet longer than the standard katana, making this weapon in terms of other weapons, a katana version of a 'great sword'.

Shirakoatsu Kosaku Nodachi

A highly detailed and sought after mastercraft weapon. Known for it's lightweight and balance, this great sword has the perfect blend of reach, slashing and stabbing capabilities. The edge of the blade is curved, like the Katana's, and is made with a double cutting edge that meets to a fine point. Usually kept in Hikari Temples for ceremonies, and to ward away evil spirits. It is also highly durable, and no two Shirakoatsu blades are exactly alike.


Gae Bolg Hikarotsu

A lance based loosely off of the Serial Barbarian legendary lance (Gae Bolg) of the similar name. It is a common weapon, used by Shrine Guardians and warriors alike. The weapon is a lance with a double-headed  axe bladed lance, but the Hikari have then transformed the weapon into a segmenting collapsable three part nunchaku-pole arm weapon.

Long Range

Blades Bow

A long bow that can double as a melee weapon if arrows are scarce.

Youkai Cross Bow

A fearsome bolt-launching cross bow that fires highly penetrating bolts via an equally fearsome looking bowgun. When staring at it, one can be quickly decieved that they are looking down the maw of a youkai (demon).
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Fresh Blood
Fresh Blood

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PostSubject: Part 2   Tue Dec 02, 2014 3:37 pm


Ebony Hikari Katana

A work of art and deadly slashing proficiency. These weapons are common among the Hikari, and are an icon of their people. It is forged stronger than the Serial Barbarian's Simple Katana, but has just about the same lethality.

Shinobu Katana

A razor sharp curved blade long sword favored by Shadow Walkers and Samurai Alike. Made to hold hidden items and to be fitted with personal accessories. The blade is a mix type of melted adamantite and Ebony Steel, then hammered out in a process which makes the weapon highly durable and razor sharp.


A unique one-handed sword. Utilizing some designers from the Droxis Democracy and the smithies of the Jechx Republic, the Hikari had developed this strange weapon, which is an attempt to have a sword which is bladed from tip to pommel, without a guard getting in the way or fingers exposed to cutting blows. The result was this weapon, which they called amiably, the Destroyer.


Standard Ebony Throwing Star

An ebony star shaped throwing knife that has shaved four pointed ends. Standard medium ranged weapon, common and used by all sorts of people in Hikari.

Starfish Moon Shuriken

A unique five pointed shuriken with ten pointed barbs protruding from it's spokes. It is a unique throwing weapon in both it's shape and the metal it uses. It is made of a special Hikari Metal Alloy (like how Ebony is a trademark metal), called Rainbow Steel. Rainbow steel is a unique metal for it's rainbow like patterns and it's lightweight and inability to rust. When thrown it casts a rainbow streak which may dazzle enemies. (Devlin you can add more specific if you want. I'm at a loss for more details ^^; )

"Boontai" Throwing Disk

A very unique shuriken which is a disk shaped blade with sharpened serrated edges that wrap completely around the weapon. It's origins are unknown exactly, but manuscripts dictate the weapon was used in a Hikari bloodsport centuries ago in which two teams of two would try to kill one another with these odd shurikens.

Ancient Shuriken

A rare and deadly charmed ebony eight pointed throwing shuriken. Used by the Shadow Walkers of old, this still deadly shuriken once thrown will magically lock on to it's intended target, slash and stab it's target multiple times before returning to it's original owner's hand safely. They say only a handful of such shuriken exist in this day and age, for most were destroyed during the Clan Wars of two hundred years ago. Their exact numbers are as of yet, still unknown.

Throwing Spikes

Small sharpened rods made of Ebony, shaped to a fine sharp point on each end. Though not as deadly as shuriken, for this weapon is only a piercing style weapon, it is utilized by the Shadow Walkers for it's potential lethality and the ability to neutralize Ki or Chakura or Magic if struck in the right places in the body. It is also utilized for its maximum concealment capabilities.

Hikari Throwing Hatchet

An Ebony miniature axe, or hatchet, developed to be thrown or used in melee combat. The weapon can easily divide lacquered armor and purse flesh from bone. With its aerodynamic design, the weapon can get good range when thrown, and will deliver such previously mentioned damage to light or medium armored targets.

Hikari Ebony Grappling Hook

A useful tool and an improvised weapon, this hook is usually paired with durable wire that can support a persons weight or multiple persons weights as they scale buildings, environments, etc. As a weapon, it can hook around enemies, bind them, trip them and can gruesomely impale or choke them from a reasonable distance.

Spears and Lances

Imperial Spear

An Ebony halberd like spear with a bamboo shaft. It is utilized by most Regent Guards or Samurai for defending a Regent's keep. Though it is a stable weapon, it is unremarkable in the fact that it is a common weapon.

Shinzo Lance

A rather holy and dignified lance. Used by the Priests and Priestesses of Hikari to banish 'Evil' and to weave their holy spells against unholy Youkai (Demons).

Moon Lance

A very rare spear. Made from celestial mithral it never rusts and it is quite light, as if as light as air compared to other spears or lances. There are only 2 known to be housed in Hikari, one in the High Keep under the designation of the High Clan Ruler, and the second to be housed in the shrine ran by Lady Kiko Tsukihime. However, Legend has it that there are actually seven in all made from the same piece of celestial mithral scattered across all the lands. Once brought to a specific location and in the light of the full moon, will they "light" the way to a hidden treasure.

Other Melee

Ripper Claws

A unique gauntlet that houses fixed doubled edged curved blades which protrude out from the gauntlet like claws. A deadly weapon, for the wounds are so close together, they have a considerably hard time to heal properly/stop the bleeding.


A common Shadow Walker weapon, consisting of a modified short hand sickle, a long length of chain, and a weight at the end of the chain. A weapon and tool of multiple uses, from disarming opponents, pinning them down, ranged attacks with either the weight or the bladed sickle end. It is also used by many of the farmers in the Hikari Region since it is a cheap yet reliable weapon, and can sometimes be better than a katana which needs practice using.

Long Range

Yumi Longbow

A type of Ebonwood Bow developed in a style that is unique to the Hikari alone. It is a bow with an incredibly long reach and are used by hunters and warriors alike in Hikari lands.


A Hikari Musket. Not as powerful as the weapons from the colonies, but it has enough penetrating power to pierce through armor. Most Hikari find it a disgraceful weapon, while others...advantageous.

Tanegeshima Survivalist

Though the Tanegeshima has an ability to easily fire a round ebony ball through armor, it is only a single shot musket that takes a minute or two to reload, and won't fire if the wick is wet. However, this variant has a hidden wakizashi within that can detach from the barrel if pressed for time. It makes the rifle a capable long-range firearm and special melee weapon.

Ebony Hikari Flute

A peculiar and underestimated tool. It is a playable flute, but it is also a cleverly hidden weapon. When combined with the throwing spikes, this flute will be both unassuming, and light weight. The spike is housed inside the shaft, and while it is the flute is still playable. When the assassin is ready, they will hold all the holes down and blow-and like a blow-pipe the spike will launch from the Flute and strike the enemy.

Another use with this weapon is when combined with a spike on the other end, it can transform the spike and flute into an improvised dagger; utilizing the spike as the "blade" and the flute as the grip.
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Weapons of Hikari naito Kurai nai
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