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 The Territories beyond the Colonial Wall

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PostSubject: The Territories beyond the Colonial Wall   Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:54 pm

Previously described the City of Koorc has been. However, the other three territories that have now made their existence known to the rest of Runa need to be discussed.

These three territories were the original castaways of Runa. Where Koorc has become the haven for all those who do not want to be associated with the colonies politically these were the three territories that people were sent to if they were deemed troublesome, a murderer, and a bane to everyone's existence among other considerations. All of these territories are less stable than the colonies due to the changes in Runa's essence but compared to other territories farther from the colonies they have proven to be a bit more stable. To the west is the territory of Bianselong.

Bianselong is a territory in which individuals from the Serial Barbarian colony were forced to relocate to. In order to survive the harsh predators and develop their own societies the citizens of this territory have adapted by perfecting the art of camouflage and disguise.

Hikari naito kurai nai is a territory that is beyond the Colonial Wall below the Jechx Republic. This land does not have too much sun due to a constant grey sky. The individuals from this land as a result are known as Shadow Walkers due to their sensitivity to sunlight.

Finally, to the east is Rahanē the most unsavory territory of them all. Here Living Monoliths reign supreme killing any humanoid, goblinoid, or other colony type creature that steps in front of these sentinels. The living monoliths have their own secret society in which no secrets have been able to be discovered and returned to the colonies by a living soul.

Of these three mysterious territories there is very little known. The types of dwellings, culture, and other specifics of these territories varies depending on the region you visit. As a result, if you wish to learn more you would need to travel to these unstable territories to investigate.

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The Territories beyond the Colonial Wall
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