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 City Descriptions

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PostSubject: City Descriptions   Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:37 pm

-Herensuge is the metropolis and only city in the Droxis Democracy. This is for a couple of reasons: It is the largest land mass in the Settozai Ocean, it uses a trained underground for land travel otherwise there are rising platforms over the already towering skyscrapers and other buildings that are on the ground level of the city.

-Anselme the capital of the Serial Barbarians is a castle enforced city. There are stone walls that surround the city with all the shops, and other buildings inside. There is a terrace-system to the city in which there are various tiers until you get to the Royal Castle at the top most tier.

-Asger and Daquan are small villages that are of wooden hut construction with few homes made from hollowed tree trunks or living in the branches of the trees.

-Senka, Ohanzee, and Molimo are all similar in their cavernous construction though the size and amount of prosperity noticable differs between the three. In order from poorest to richest: Senka, Ohanzee, Molimo. The construction of these cavern cities is one large antechameber where the general public comes to meet and mingle (where shops, banks, and churches) are. Then small pathways leading to smaller chambers create the various neighborhoods of the cities.

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City Descriptions
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