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 "A New Era"

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: "A New Era"   Sat May 11, 2013 3:20 pm

A rough voice that clearly isn't Snup-Hash's voice comes over the radio, "Sorry about that folks after our technical difficulties i'm having to do a bit more around the studio other than be the CEO. Snup-Hash is currently in a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic for the time being. We will get back to the music right after this message from our sponsors."

cutting into Imagine Dragons - "Demons"

"Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the show that rocks all of Runa...the Snup-Hash Show! Snup-Hash currently is in the hospital and we are going to give him a quick call to check in right now."

-phone ringing on air-

"This is Snup-Hash! Who is this calling?!" comes the enthusiastic voice of Snup-Hash over the radio.

"Hey Snup! It's Carl filling in for your show today calling to let you know you're on the air for your fans to hear!"

-brief silence-

"This is Snup-Hash! I know I went a bit overboard last week with the booze and I promise my fans that I will be back in that seat next week! I challenge my fans to give you [Carl] the best audience ever in Snup-Hash Show history by posting comments!"

-Snup's voice transitions into the next song-

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"A New Era"
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