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Runa Mobs
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Presidential - 150 posts
Runa Mobs

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PostSubject: "Screaming"   "Screaming" EmptyWed Mar 13, 2013 12:08 am

"I can't believe everything that is happening! The world of Runa is exploding with all the stories rising up from the ashes or coming out of thin air! .... " (Music comes over his voice cutting Snup off)

"Okay that was just plain arrogance on my supervisor's part...cutting me off in mid rant for one of the silliest songs to be put over the radio! I need time to collect my thoughts...-gets choked up- I'll...I' to you...guys in minute..."

Snup Hash is still heard sniffling as the song finishes and he starts to talk on the radio blowing his nose, "That song is just so true...there will always be someone or something for you no matter what is going on -hiccup- I me-an look a-t me I work on the rad-io and I'm doing pret-ty go-od....ah who am I kid-din'! I'm a fail-ure! I'm a dru-nk failure on the rad-io! If you think otherwise call in! Snup Hash is passing out!" A thump is heard in the background. A few footsteps are heard scuttling around then a harsh voice is heard, "Call an ambulance he's unconcious!"

"Ladies and Gentlemen we are experiencing technical difficulties and encourage you to listen to this lovely song as we work to resolve the issue..."

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