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 Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun)

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Jack Redman
Jack Redman

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Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Left_bar_bleue1000/1000Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)
Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Left_bar_bleue1000/1000Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)
Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Left_bar_bleue1000/1000Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Empty_bar_bleue  (1000/1000)

Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Empty
PostSubject: Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun)   Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) EmptySun Feb 10, 2013 3:08 am

Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) NavalShotgunIvory3_zpsa16a3abe
Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) NavalShotgunIvory1_zps39b38e63
Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) NavalShotgunIvory2_zpsc564baad

-Not many know of the Droxis Democracy's humble beginnings; one such history is that when they first established power they were a relatively 'Pirate' nation. These Droxis Pirates were able to sail Settozai without fear and were able to maintain order on board with this lovely and elegant weapon. At that time, the 'Ivory' was quite common. But after centuries of war, adopting new weapons and policies, the Ivory lost service and became nearly lost to history. This rare handgun like weapon, is actually a sort of 'hammerless hand-shotgun'. The gun fires shotgun shells that must be self-created or be created via an alchemist since they no longer sell them in common places. It's possible to purchase them in Koorc, if you know the right person to talk to, but it be super expensive. The gun, though still good for practical use today, has been often a weapon sought after by gun collectors, since only 13 working original copies are rumored to exist in all of Runa today.

Those who carry this gun be weary, for it's said it brings a curse: as mentioned above, Gun collectors will do ANYTHING to collect the 'unlucky 13'.

The weapon has a total capacity of two, and can also (strangely enough) fire musket balls which are more common than Naval shotgun ammo.

Equipable Ammo:
-Naval Shotgun Shells
-Musket Ball Shot

☆SP: 1250/1250 SP
☆HP: 2500/2500 HP

Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun) Ae4c4aaf-412b-4f94-929b-b1621ffc8778


Silverkitsune's translation to my 'action post':
Quote :
Jack:Your safety's on! OM NOM NOM NOM *Eats his gun* YOU HAVE ROOKIE EYES!
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Rarity: "Ivory" Naval Pistol (Shotgun)
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