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 Default: Jechx Republic Army Service Pistol (Double Action)

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Jack Redman
Jack Redman

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PostSubject: Default: Jechx Republic Army Service Pistol (Double Action)   Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:46 am

-The service weapon of the Jechx Republic Army. A double-action revolver, meaning that the hammer doesn't need to be cocked back like the Koorc Single Action counter part, thus making the Service Revolver 'faster firing' than the Koorc, and making the weapon as fast firing as the Droxis Democracy Service pistol.
The weapon is slightly more powerful than the Droxis Service Pistol, but is ten times weaker than the slower firing Koorc Single Action Revolver. To compensate, when dealing with people armed with the Koorc's more powerful cartridge, a special cartridge had been created for the Service Revolver called the 'dum dum'. A 'dum dum' or 'dumdum' bullet expands when in contact with a surface; increasing in diameter to limit penetration and/or produce a larger diameter wound. The Republic has also made rounds with drilled tips that literally drive into the surface of an enemy, causing bleeding out that cannot be healed by using suture kits alone and makes it incredibly hard to pull the bullet out from the wound.

The weapon, like the Koorc Revolver, only holds six casings.

Equipable Ammo:
-.38LC Elemental Power (EP)
-.38LC Dum-Dum (DD) [increases power and makes each shot a 'bleeding out']
-.38LC Standard
-.38LC Jechx Republic Drill Shot (JR-DS) [causes bleeding out that cannot be healed till receiving professional medical attention]

Fun Fact:
-Replaced the Jechx Republic Silenced Pistol

☆SP: 1250/1250 SP
☆HP: 2500/2500 HP


Silverkitsune's translation to my 'action post':
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Default: Jechx Republic Army Service Pistol (Double Action)
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