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 Default: Sk. 46 'Hyperion' Semi-Auto Rifle

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Jack Redman
Jack Redman

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PostSubject: Default: Sk. 46 'Hyperion' Semi-Auto Rifle   Sun Feb 10, 2013 12:19 am

-A unique weapon representative of Jechx Republic Army. It was originally built as a bolt action rifle, but after a couple years of tinkering with the design, JR Scientists were able to develop the weapon in a semi-automatic mode. It has a custom bayonet that is ideal for slashing rather than stabbing, the speed of which it slices is faster than the 'Hermes' used by the DD for two reasons: The weapons ideal light weight design, and the added thickened blade. It is made mostly of wood to help compensate for the cold weather surface level of the JR, making it quite useful above ground and preventing frostbite to users holding it. However, despite all it's perfections the weapon is prone to jamming with over rapid firing use. To reduce that risk entirely, the weapon only has a five round magazine; no other magazines higher than five have been or will be made for this weapon.
Like the Mk. 32 'Hermes' and the Vickers Heavy Machine Gun, the weapon fires the .30 cartridge.

Equipable Ammo:
-.30 Elemental Power (EP)
-.30 Armor Piercing (AP)
-.30 Standard
-.30 Jechx Republic Drill Shot (JR-DS)

Equipable Ailments:
-Broken Limb (melee blunt attacks like 'butt-stroking' and swinging the rifle like a club)

-Bleeding out (either when shooting an enemy on 3rd shot [each third shot is a 'bleeding out'], or using the bayonet to slash or stab enemies)

Original Image(s):

☆SP: 1250/1250 SP
☆HP: 2500/2500 HP


Silverkitsune's translation to my 'action post':
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Default: Sk. 46 'Hyperion' Semi-Auto Rifle
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