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 Default: Droxis Service Pistol

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Jack Redman
Jack Redman

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PostSubject: Default: Droxis Service Pistol   Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:53 am

DD Army Service Pistol

A thirteen capacity pistol used by the DD Army as it's official side arm. It too is also quite Iconic of the DD army. As old and reliable as the "Hermes" Mk. 32. A rather popular semi-automatic handgun used throughout Runa by Droxis and non-Droxis politically aligned settlers for centuries. Quite accurate, moderate stopping power, decent sized capacity weapon. Sometimes an entire platoon of Droxis Grunts or Elites would charge into battle with their pistol's blazing rather than their rifles due to their repetitive firing capability which the "Hermes" lacks. The Droxis Democracy Military Police Officer has used this to their advantage when dealing with armed suspects-since their is a lack of semi-auto weaponry in the world of Runa, let alone automatic weapons.

It has both a 9mm and a .45 variant. In its standard .45 variant, it has an 8 shot capacity; in the 9mm variants it fires 13 rounds in a staggered stack magazine. .

The weapon is not a bad investment.

Equipable Ammo:
-9mm/.45 Elemental Power (EP)
-9mm/.45 Hallow Point (HP)
-9mm/.45 Standard

Equipable Ailments:

-Bleeding out: If shot at, every 6th shot can cause bleeding out; when equipped with Hallow Point rounds, EVERY shot can cause bleeding out.

Original Image:

☆SP: 1250/1250 SP
☆HP: 2500/2500 HP


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Default: Droxis Service Pistol
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