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 The Essence of Runa

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Essence of Runa   Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:09 pm

Every world was created by some type of energy. This energy is in the air, earth, water...everywhere on the world. Generally people refer to this energy as Ki, Chi, Void, or any other type of name. I prefer to call this energy "The essence of Runa".

In the Story of Runa there are natives of the world called Chi-Lords who were created from the Essence of Runa. In the case of our Roleplay the Elvarions are followers and protectors of the world the Chi-Lords created. They are a form of beings separate from the Chi-Lords, Colonists, Dragonkin, and the Wings of the Goddess. The Chi-Lords in the book as a result of their creation have access to this essence and become the caretakers of Runa: sustaining life, and protecting the planet.

However they are slowly defeated by the colonists who settle on the planet. As a result the planet outside of the Colonial Wall (see separate topic) and past the City of Koorc is almost barren and devoid of life. This is why the Scepter Trials ended up getting fought over resources on the planet.

The essence of Runa is the fundamental energy of Runa  and the more it is used the more the planet slowly dies. There aren't enough magic users or those knowledgeable of magic for the world to be come extinct at this time and we pray that day never comes for if such an event where to come hence Runa shall end.

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The Essence of Runa
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