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PostSubject: Introduction   Tue Jan 08, 2013 8:04 pm

Quote :
There once lived a land of siege lords that only understood war. They each were born of a different planet. Each siege lord amassed armies that would eventually conquer their home worlds. As the planets became conquered the siege lords’ sights turned to each other. There need for land and wealth could only be squelched until the entire universe was theirs. As the years went by war started to become commonplace among the people of the three planets until a common force swelled up to revolt among the three planets. As the three planets waged civil wars against each other a few diplomats decided the best thing would be to send people from each of the worlds to a common planet that had since been recognized as life sustaining: Runa.

The siege lords were slow to learn about the plans for Runa to become a safe haven for their enemy but once they learned of the plan they did everything in their power to topple it. Many escorts were sent out in an attempt to destroy ships leaving the planets headed towards Runa. Eventually the refugees began plotting new routes pretending they were headed to neighboring planets but then diverting to Runa. Soon a ring of patrol ships that normally protected the siege lords were now circling the various planets warding off the refugee escape attempts. The siege lords’ reign ended a few days later. Being unprotected the revolution armies swooped into the palaces of the siege lords’ and took hold. The revolution had claimed victory on their home world and on Runa. Lo and behold not a fortnight past and the imperial armies of the siege lords’ became the new revolution. With the siege lords’ out of power generals in the imperial armies contacted each other to form the army of Egantzra. The home planets were no longer safe for the refugees that went to Runa. The home planets were immersed in turmoil.

Runa was now on the hot seat to become a new humanoid refuge home.

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