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 Starting Out: Non-Creatures

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Devlin Hosguard
Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: Starting Out: Non-Creatures   Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:08 am

Base Points and Leveling System:
Starting Point Values:

Health Points: 1000 HP
Stamina Points: 1000 SP
Magic Points: 1000 MP

Leveling by Posting Rank:

Mortal: +100 SP, +150 MP , +300 HP
Nymph: +150 SP , +200 MP, +300 HP
Fates: +200 SP , +250 MP, +300 HP
Graces: +300 SP , 350 MP, +300 HP
Muses: +400 SP , +450 MP, +300 HP
Hero: +500 SP , +600 MP, +300 HP

**After these increases the only way to get higher is through Achievement groups, purchasing or finding items, and quest rewards**

Achievement Groups Specials:

Presidential Rank (150 messages) +150 each stat
Champion of Runa (500 messages)    +300 each stat
Runa Legends (1000 messages)         +500 each stat
Runa Mythic (5000 messages)            +1500 each stat
Runa Hall of Fame (15000 messages)  +4500 each stat

Quote :

what happens if you level up in a real duel while fighting an opponent? do the sp and mp change in battle and refill both gauges to full like in other games?
The answer is yes you would level as a result your SP and MP would increase and your points would be restored. However, this takes observation on the part of the roleplayer. As a result if you don't notice that you have leveled then you'll suffer the natural consequences.

A night's rest, an item, or going to a hospital otherwise are the normal ways of replenishing your stat points.

**Each person can have an Item set (set of 4 items). See Items and Accessories post for more information**

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Starting Out: Non-Creatures
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