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 The Battle System Explained

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Devlin Hosguard
Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Battle System Explained   Sun Jan 06, 2013 12:00 am

SP/MP/HP Battle System Explanation:

-HP is your Health Points. Health Points are used in order to determine how much life your character has left. Your abilities may or may not require usage of both or only one of them.

-MP is your Magic Points. Magic Points are used for any attacks that require some type of magic, magical ability, or supernatural ability.

-SP is your Stamina Points. Stamina Points are used in order to determine how much energy your character has in order to move.

As a result your attacks carry a SP and MP cost. These costs are determined by the roleplayer (admin and mods double check their fairness) and they are then free to be used throughout the RPG.

For example:
If I had an attack that caused a blade to burn with fire and then attacked with it the ability would cost SP and MP. The MP for the fire and SP for the physical attack. Since fire magic is rather basic the MP cost could range 200 while depending on the description of the physical attack it could range from a simple 200 SP basic damage attack or it could be deadlier costing upwards of 600 SP.

In order to block the attack I must duplicate the attacker's SP and MP cost. As a result to block the fireblade attack that was simply described (a 200 SP and 200 MP attack) I would have to use 200 SP and 200 MP in order to block. Dodging the attack however would be a free movement if the attack could be avoided.

When you're opponent reaches 0 SP you have the option of finishing them by:

-Knocking them out with a swift chop to the neck
-Instant Kill
-Some scenario in which opponent is passed out in your arms, etc.

Battle System Setup:

Stamina Point Guideline:
25% SP Depleted = Still Relatively Fresh
50% SP Depleted = Weary, Slower Attack speed
75% SP Depleted = Heavy breathing, Rigorous workout type of affair
95% SP Depleted = "Still barely able to pick up your Weapon?"

Regenerative methods for points through potions and good nights rest.

SP and MP Cost Guidelines:

Level 1 Spells: 200 MP (ex: Fire, Lightning, Ice, Acid)
Level 2 Spells: 400 MP (ex: Whirlwind, Nature Armor)
Level 3 Spells: 600 MP (ex: Silence, etc.)
Level 4 Spells: 800 MP (ex: Paralysis, Blindness)
Level 5 Spells: 1000 MP (ex: Necromancy, etc.)

Natural Attacks: 50 SP (ex: Punch, Kick, Elbow, Palm Strike, Stomp, Bite)
Level 1 Attack: 100 SP (ex: Roundhouse kick, Sidekick, Knife hand block)
Level 2 Attack: 300 SP (ex: Chokehold)
Level 3 Attack: 500 SP (ex: Chokeslam, Neckbreaker)
Level 4 Attack: 700 SP (ex: Spinning Roundhouse Kick)
Level 5 Attack: 900 SP (ex: Jumping Spinning Roudhouse Kick)

***Description of Attack is taken into account for accuracy of the attack not the amount of SP and MP cost***

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The Battle System Explained
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