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 "Tennesee Girl"

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: "Tennesee Girl"   Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:18 pm

As the music started to fade Snup-Hash's voice could be heard as it started to come over the radio, "Those past songs have been Linkin Park- Castle of Glass and Needtobreathe- Girl Named Tennesee! Whew! The music is just flying high today and i'm hoping all my listeners are having a fun time taking in the lovely sounds! There's been some controversy over what it means to have a character in Runa it seems. Well, it's as simple as deep drying a chicken and swallowing it whole! All you have to do is imagine a character and then BE the character! If you can't imagine it then randomly generate one! -clears throat- in any case the battle system that's in place is just to make battles more interesting and least that what my sponsors say!"

Commercial Break: "Do you like potatoes? Do you like those funky looking things called vegetables? Do you want to LOVE them? If you call in today you can get this fancy do hicky mabob that gives you the best of your vegetables! This do hicky mabob not only helps you cook your vegetables but it comes in the shape of a steak, a hot dog, or even sushi! That way you'll always want to eat your vegetables! All you have to do is call our toll free number 1-800-555-4555!"

"Well folks I have no idea what that commercial was about but i'll say go get it anyway because that's what the sponsors want you to do! I'm happy to say that Snup-Hash has recovered from his days of infamy against that scarlet demon Rebecca Change from Galiavan Heat because I mean come on who can deny this face and voice of radio! Sadly that's all I have for today's show feel free to tune in the next time you are down in the dumps and are just feeling that writer's block! Snup-Hash Out!"

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"Tennesee Girl"
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