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 "The New Show"

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Devlin Hosguard
Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: "The New Show"   "The New Show" EmptyThu Dec 27, 2012 12:47 pm

"Ladies and Gentlemen I would have to say that if there's one thing i'm happy about today it's the fact that i'm back on the air! After months if not years of being of the the air waves of the treacherous world of Galiavan i'm now here on Runa for some new and promising career options!" Snup-hash yelled with enthusiasm before taking a breathe and leaning back in his chair moving the microphone near him so he could continue.

"Why the new show? Why start broadcasting on Runa? Well...the place needs some spice if you know what I mean if you're just reading stories and replying to usual roleplay there has to be something for that interlude when it takes 24 if not 48 hours for the your partner in crime to respond! So what's the latest out there in Runa? Any fun globs of rumor? Speculation? unintentional adultery that people would like to share on the air?" Snup-hash takes a deep breath before resuming, "If you do feel free to just dial 555-000-7863 or send a lovely reply text! In any case i'll now leave you with a satisfying taste of musical satisfaction!"

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"The New Show"
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