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 The Present: 7/2012

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Devlin Hosguard
Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Present: 7/2012   Thu Dec 27, 2012 12:09 pm

Many times the people of Runa have suspected that their mission or purpose had been planned out by other individuals. Since the creation of the colonies no one has contacted the original masters of their respective home worlds. Eventually the people who recalled these masters soon became extinguished through the various wars, trials, and tribulations experienced by the citizens of Runa.

Now after years of waiting there has been a signal sent from the masters three to the world of Runa announcing a peace pact and the formation of - Egantzra. Egantzra has become the name of the universal governing body of the three worlds that originally sent settlers to Runa. The message has been sent to the leaders of the various colonies. The question becomes will they respond? or will they just shrug off this new revelation in the future of Runa?

With the broadcast the first Egantzra ship has started it's maiden voyage to Runa in order to "inspect" this new world's worth.

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The Present: 7/2012
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