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 Character Profile Proofreading and Review

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Devlin Hosguard
Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: Character Profile Proofreading and Review   Sun May 27, 2012 3:45 pm

Character Profiles are subject to proofread and reviews by admin and mods in order to make sure that the profiles will be able to be understood by all roleplayers so there is no confusion.

If a profile has been edited or reviewed you will see in colored text "Edited By (insert person here)"

If you have any qualms with the edits that have occurred please do the following:

-When profile was edited by Admin please have a mod review
-When profile was edited by Mod please have Admin review
-In the odd case that neither of these suffice please put your preferred stats next to ours and a compromise should be made about the stat by a mod or admin

For example:

Moderator say 50 Sp and you say 30 Sp the cost will be 40 Sp if after the second review you still dislike the matter.

***If at this very last point you still dislike the edited stats I do not know what to say***

-Devlin Hosguard
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Character Profile Proofreading and Review
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