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 The Present: Update 1/2012

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Devlin Hosguard

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PostSubject: The Present: Update 1/2012   Fri Jan 06, 2012 10:38 pm

Today a large group of wandering tribes has started to collect the resources that each colony won during the Scepter Trials. To recall during the Scepter Trials each colony took possession of one resource each. The Serial Babarians took over the resources from land, forest, and fields. The Droxis Democracy took over the resources from Water, and the Jechx Republic to the resources from under the earth such as minerals, and other refined goods.

These wandering tribes have been ransacking each colonies ability to collect their respective goods while leaving traces that the other colonies have been causing the damage. In order for peace to survive the tribes are needed to be found out and stopped. One tribe has started to search out it's brothren to stop their misdeeds but in their own past they have been deemed enemies of the colonies (The Tribe of Notobus).

The brethren tribe that The Tribe of Notobus seeks out is known as the Tribe of Doloqus. The Doloqus Tribe has been led by a cruel and unorthodox leader named Juan Stephens. However in the past months he was assainated by a man who promised to help lead their people to a happier way of life. Under his leadership he plans to take over the resources of the planet and cause the colonies to do his bidding and therefore start to gain control of their home planets (his name is currently unknown). The Notobus Tribe is currently searching for their own leader through a vote (nominees to lead are still unknown).
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The Present: Update 1/2012
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