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 The Present: Update 6/2012

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PostSubject: The Present: Update 6/2012   Thu May 17, 2012 1:52 pm

The City of Koorc is probably the most underminded city in Runa. The city was began by a trio of loners who couldn't be kept in "high society" as the three colonies believed was possible. As a result on a certain occasion referred to the citizens of the city as "The Contract" the idea of Koorc was made and construction started soon after.

The city was built in a mountain that has stood against time in a very precarious part of the map of Runa. The Beyond. Normally the dragons, and the wall to keep them out of the colonial area were known for being a part of The Beyond until the City of Koorc was created. Travelers who have been expelled from their various colonies and are ravaged of "high society morals" find no problem coming to the City of Koorc and venturing The Beyond.

The locals consist of Thieves, Brigands, Pirates, Mercenaries, Merchants, and Miners so you know the best living is street living. The most common species is every species from Humans, Sirens, Elves, and any Exiled Citizens of any of the three major Colonies along with the species of The Beyond.

The Beyond is characterized by the most gruesome of species: Gorgons, Trolls, WolfBearPigs, Dragons, and most notoriously known Gargoyles (the keepers of the mount).

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The Present: Update 6/2012
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