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 The Present: Update 5/2012

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PostSubject: The Present: Update 5/2012   Tue May 08, 2012 11:39 am

The Jechx Republic has always been a curious place but as of the past century a growing population of religious believers has caused a panic to rise in the colony's leaders. The following of Glaurung. Glaurung has been considered the Father of Dragons to this line of worshippers. They believe that the dragons will rise and that will be their cue to try and give Runa back to their dragon overlords. As interesting as this case is there is a debate of whether their religious community should be exterminated by political radicals.

The world of Runa has only known the colonies for a short period of times since they are on the only life sustaining piece of the planet. The rest of the world of Runa is known as "The Beyond." This section of the world has harsh conditions that vary from dark polar ice caps worse than are in the Jechx Republic or a raging desert that is always in the highpoint of the world's sun.

A note should be made that the sun is rather dim for the colonies since they are more to the middle of the right side of the planet with the sun shining directly and constantly on the other side of the planet. The only saving grace is that the planet rotates enough to keep life where the colonies are and allow atmosphere development. Otherwise the rotation is slower than an earthling would know.

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The Present: Update 5/2012
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