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 Modes of Transportation (Herensuge)

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PostSubject: Modes of Transportation (Herensuge)   Fri May 04, 2012 8:58 am

Throughout Runa, there are various forms of transportation.

Horses, carts, wagons, carriages, boats, hot air bloons are commonplace, but there are some out there that are unique to territories.

Now, I don't speak for the other colonies, but for Herensuge there are a few that come to mind:


steam and gasoline injected engines that roam the streets of Herensuge. Since they are built to work on roads, off roading is currently an impossibility (not truly, but it will likely damage the undercarriage unless the type of vehicle is built for it). The Military does have off-road trucks for troop transport within and outside Herensuge.


Large ships that are able to be flown into the air through the power of steam propelled engines and electrolight generators. They are common within Herensuge, but since Herensuge has one of the only Air Stations within Runa, they are only seldomly seen deep within the world. Mostly used as transportation to get to point A to point B.


Large Electric and Fule Injected machines used as a primary transport on Herensuge.

Fighter Plane:

The Crossed Swords special operations unit of the Droxis Democracy have exclusive use of these new 'beasts of the sky'. Packing two .30 caliber machineguns (one beneath the pilot that's fixxed another in front of the gunner seat that can swivel), and a cannon underneath the stationary machinegun. Some of these 'planes' will have a thick metal cockpit placed around Pilot and Gunner, but is left open towards the rear for the ability to swivel the gunner's vickers machinegun. These planes are ten times faster than an airship, using a special fule injection method that spins three propellars on the nose, and wings of the fighter plane, but can only have a max capacity of two at a time (Pilot and Gunner). They are run on a special fule source, and are the Democracy's latest invention.
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Modes of Transportation (Herensuge)
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